Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How-To: Pet Corner

One of my more recent projects: this project was just published via the Lowe's Creative Ideas website.  It's a good way to keep all of your pet's accessories accessible and organized.


Step 1:
 Maximize your wall storage. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, install two bracketless shelves 11 inches apart to allow plenty of storage space. (We placed our lowest shelf 4 feet, 5 inches above the floor). Stock the shelves with pet shampoo, treats, and other accessories.

Step 2: Designate a spot to hang leashes and harnesses. We chose a rail with 4 hooks that coordinates with the style of the shelves. Center a hook rail 3 1/2 inches below the lowest shelf, and install using the provided hardware.

Step 3: Keep waste bags close at hand. Center a grocery bag holder 7 inches to the left of the shelves, and install using the provided hardware. Fill with recycled plastic bags you can grab on your way out for a walk.

Step 4: Display your pet’s photos.  Attach a picture hanger to the back of six 8-inch cork rounds.  (You may need to drill small pilot holes for the hangers.) Paint a paw print on one round using hobby brushes. Allow to dry.  To the left of the bag holder, hang two rows of three rounds each using wire nails. Tack pictures of your pet to the cork.
Step 5: Organize your feeding space. Use a boot tray as a place mat for your furry friend’s food and water bowls.  The durable plastic easily washes clean. A galvanized garbage pail holds bags of food.  We placed our pail on a 4-tier shoe rack for extra storage.

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