Saturday, August 14, 2010

Design Resource: Bonus! Library Sale

Call me lame.  Go it.  I spent my Friday evening at the Homewood Public Library book sale preview, and I loved it.*  As you will note from the flyer, refreshments were served.

Not only can you bag a good read or five, library book sales are a great resource for the DIYer on a budget.  You can...

Fill sparse book shelves with quality, hard-back books.

Find DIY and design books for inspiration and information. (I look for vintage design books as a reference for historic interiors.)

Use illustrated pages as inexpensive artwork.

Take a look at the treasures that I picked up for $9!

Get in touch with your local library's "Friends of the Library" organization for more information on scheduled events in your area.

*I did receive a hand stamp as I entered the event, so it looks vaguely like I did something more exciting than go to a book sale.

PS Happy 50th birthday to Green Eggs and Ham!

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