Monday, August 23, 2010

Tool Box: Cutting Edge Ruler

I have a generally unhealthy fear of knives stemming from an unfortunate incident cutting out paper dolls with a pocket knife in 4th grade.  When I entered design school though, I knew that I would have to confront fear and develop a very close bond with my Xacto knife.  Freshman year, I was mounting and trimming out a project the night before it was due.  Inadvertently, I let my finger slip over my straight edge, and I took off the side of my finger.

I always knew that being the child of artists made me different.  When I told my mom what I had done, her first question was, "Did you get blood on your project?"  (I didn't.)  After making sure that I was okay, my parents bought me a safety edge ruler.  What a great tool!  I survived the rest of my college career unscathed.

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