Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tool Box: Cordless Drill

Last fall I decided that it was time for me to start building my own power tool collection.  My wonderful dad spent a day over the Thanksgiving holiday driving around with me in search of the perfect drill.

After inspecting about 30 options, I ended up with the Dewalt 9.6 volt cordless drill.  Though it's a lower voltage, it is a capable, quality tool--so much more than a glorified screwdriver.  It's not as heavy as it's higher voltage counterparts, and it has a nice balanced feel.  Of course it doesn't hurt that it's one of the better looking models.

Basics Use:
1.) Insert a bit into the chuck and tighten it.  (Depending on the model of drill you own, you may have a keyed or keyless chuck.)

2.) Hold the drill perpendicular to the surface of your work material, place the tip of the bit on the material and slowly depress the trigger.

3.) Maintain steady pressure on the trigger and drill while both drilling hole and backing the drill out.

Common Drill Bit Types:
1.) Twist Bit: most common bit type, used for drilling holes up to 1/2-inch

2.) Brad Point Bit: characterized by a center point which initially keeps the bit centered

3.) Spade Bit: a flat bit used to cut holes up to an inch and a half in diameter

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